Believing in a Positive Future

Students need to believe that there is a positive future awaiting them. Students need to feel valued and that they have something of importance to offer. For a student to believe in a positive future they need knowledge about opportunities and belief in themselves.  If students do not have these important pieces of the puzzle, it is very difficult for them move forward to a successful future (Tough, 2012).

Goldner & Mayseless, (2008) reported the significance that one person can have in changing a child’s path and putting them on the road to success simply by making that child feel valued. A mentor can be that person that listens, shares personal experiences, and gives positive reinforcement for small things (Schwartz, Lowe & Rhodes, 2012). Strong mentoring programs include time for the mentor to get to know the student and methods for the mentor to open the students’ world to opportunities that can lead to a positive future (Rhodes et al., 2006; Schwartz et al., 2012).