Children need someone who can be present at the critical times in their lives when values are formed, when self-esteem is developed, and when basic academic and problem-solving skills are acquired. 

Mentoring also adds to the lives of mentors as they make connections, engage in character building and values transfer, build resiliency, and help create a brighter, more productive future for local youth. 

Encouraging mentoring opportunities will result in higher educational achievement and higher levels of well-being, health and workforce readiness for our state’s youth, while creating new ways for schools to promote a positive atmosphere for success. You don’t have to look far to find powerful examples of the ways adults can lift students and help them dream big.  Check out how lives are being changed through mentorship:  



 Cincinnati Youth Collaborative    United Way    Starfish Alliance
 Big Brothers Big Sisters of Central Ohio   Seven Baskets    The Cleveland Foundation 
    Ohio Governors Faith Based and Community Initiative     
Esquire presennts The Mentoring Project    "Ohio's approach recognizes that great mentoring can be at 'the heart of it all.' Study after study has shown that the influence of mentors can be a major factor in a child's future success, and it's especially important if that child is a boy in America today. We think it's time for more men to help boys grow up successfully, and Community Connectors engages them and others to do just that." - Esquire


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