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Before Jimmy, Alex had never had a mentor. Before Alex, Jimmy had never been a mentor.
Now, because of mentoring, their lives are forever changed for the better.

$9.9 Million in New Community Connectors Mentoring Grants Awarded

One hundred sixteen community partnerships will share $9.9 million to mentor approximately 33,000 Ohio students in the latest round of grants in the Community Connectors school mentorship program. The state received 197 applications for funding during this round, and each application included a business, civic and faith- or values-based partner organization. The program provides $3 for every $1 provided by local partnerships for activities specifically associated with one-to-one mentoring.

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In his 2014 State of the State address, Gov. John R. Kasich outlined a new proposal to bring together families, community organizations, faith or values based organizations, businesses and others in support of our schools and to mentor students. Community Connectors provides $10 million in 3-to-1 matching grants that will help give more Ohio students access to role models who can help motivate and inspire them, as well as help them develop skills that lead to success in school and the workplace.

This is where you come in!

Utilize the resources available on this page to help your school, business or community organization take advantage of this incredible opportunity. Community Connectors can help students appreciate how important values are to success in life — values like hard work, discipline and personal responsibility — all of which can help motivate and inspire them to find their purpose and reach their full potential.

And you can make it happen.

"The power of mentorship holds great promise to help us better connect our communities with our schools, and lift up our educators and our kids. We can show them why learning matters, we can teach them about workplace culture and professional etiquette. We can help them appreciate how important good character is to success in life as well as values like hard work, discipline and personal responsibility—all of which can help motivate and inspire them to find their purpose and to reach for the stars."  —  Gov. John R. Kasich




Bringing parents, schools, communities, faith or values based groups and businesses together to help students reach their full potential.


Inspiring and instilling hope - helping students learn how to put their dreams into action.
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Lifting students up through mentorship.

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